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Butkovich Leads FSU Student-Athletes in Clean Up Efforts

Photo Courtesy FSU

TALLAHASSE, Fla. – Florida State sophomore swimmer Patrick Butkovich led a group of nearly 40 student-athletes and staff over to Panama City on Sunday in order to help clean up parts of the downtown area that were damaged by Hurricane Michael.

The Seminoles spent the day hauling away debris from the beach inside the Panama City Marina.

“Every two weeks it looks like it did when we got there,” Butkovich said. “There is debris that floats up on shore all the time. It’s a two-week process, so to give the people from the city a break was a huge help.”

The Noles also helped clean up and landscape a nearby park, which is going to be used for upcoming events.

“Yesterday was an unbelievable experience,” Assistant Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Development Ashton Henderson said. “We are very grateful our student-athletes were able to be a part of this neighborhood service day. They did a fantastic job representing FSU, themselves, their families and the unconquered spirit.”

Following Hurricane Michael in October, which was the strongest storm to hit the Florida Panhandle on record, Butkovich began volunteering for the American Red Cross and delivering supplies to Panama City.

Butkovich had the idea to get other FSU student-athletes involved and began planning the trip in January with the help of Henderson and Director of Student-Athlete Development and Events Sarah Petronio, who also made the trip to help.

“We were about an hour away and there was a ton of damage,” Butkovich said. “I figured since we were not affected as badly and we had the resources to help that we should do something.”

The Cincinnati, Ohio, native received an overwhelming support and was able to make this trip possible.

Panama City natives Janarius Robinson (football), Taylor Hallmon (soccer) and Chad McGuire (swimming), were also there to volunteer.

“It’s crazy to see that there is still so much to do,” McGuire said. “Every day there are people out here helping out and I am glad we did our part today, but there is still work to do.”

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